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Lee On Business Consulting Limited (LOBC) is a registered business consulting firm focused on building bridges between the Chinese and UK market. We serve China based companies who are either already present in the UK and plan on expanding, or other businesses that soon intend to break into the UK's market. We can also do the exact opposite and establish UK based brands within an extensive Chinese consumer market. 

China is home to hundreds of high quality products and companies ready to establish themselves in a UK market.

We also offer UK brands a route into a lucrative Chinese based market, where the demand for quality British and European merchandise is vast.

LOBC is designed to build bridges between China and the UK making trade fast, easy and economical.

The UK is in constant demand of original, low cost alternatives to every day products that don't compromise on quality.

Based in the UK, LOBC offers a full range of professional and specialised consulting and business services to help clients establish and grow trade in the foreign market.

Our focus is to serve small and intermediate Chinese companies who have unique products to offer in the UK market, and vice versa. We establish relationships with companies in their early stages of entering foreign markets and continue to nurture those relationships in the long term to help maximise their products capabilities and ultimately build an extremely successful business together.