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Who are we?

Lee On Business Consulting LTD (LOBC) is a business consulting firm focused on aiding small and intermediate China or UK based companies to grow in a foreign market. We specialise in helping companies trade between China and the UK and our advisers have the ability to multiply a business's customer base while at the same time saving customers huge sums of money.

Our mission is to become the go to, trusted adviser for high quality Chinese companies planning to enter the UK market. And with our experience and contacts in China, we plan to establish a two-way trading network between Chinese and British businesses and consumers.

We have the ability to provide a platform for small and intermediate businesses to flourish overseas, whether that be Chinese companies wishing to establish themselves in a UK market or alternatively UK based brands and ideas spreading into China.

Currently, LOBC has links with hundreds of factories in China who are eager to build successful businesses with new and aspiring entrepreneurs. This includes manufacturers of stationery, gifts, decorations, furniture, food and much, much more.

We can take care of sourcing, importing and distribution and can offer a second to none consulting service to nurture your business and watch it grow into something special.  

Why us?

  • We are a highly professional team with experience in a broad range of speciality areas
  • We have an unparalleled understanding of the particular needs of Chinese companies and have an extensive set of valuable contacts within the Chinese business community
  • Our diverse range of contacts means we are able to source extremely affordable materials that don't compromise on quality
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the local UK market across multiple sectors
  • A broad, intricate network of trustworthy local partners who can help kick- start companies into motion within foreign markets
  • A hands on and pragmatic approach to solving clients problems