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Our Services

Business Strategy Consulting

Lee On Business Consulting's Strategy Consulting service provides an integrated "end-to-end" suite of consulting services ranging from high-level strategic advice to the facilitation of day-to-day operations. Coupled with a painstaking due diligence process, deep domain expertise, and an independent industry perspective we offer the client guidance through enterprise transformation, new strategy development, and change management.

Marketing & Sales Research

Lee On Business Consulting’s aim is to provide clients with an understanding of the demands of customers, how they gather information and where they come from. The range of market research services that LOBC offers includes: UK market outlook surveys; competitor research & analysis; product quality surveys; market segmentation analysis; industry research; demographic & target market analysis; business due diligence etc.

Lee On Business Consulting provides clients with the practical insights that power growth through addressing the shifts in competitive landscapes and consumer needs. By equipping clients with deep local market knowledge and unique positioning in the UK trade, LOBC helps Chinese companies create and sustain competitive advantages in an overseas market through cutting-edge and innovative sales & marketing strategy.

Implementation & Marketing Events

In addition to providing advisory services to clients, LOBC acknowledge the challenges and limitations for many China-based companies to participate in business activities where personal presence is required, such as participating in trade shows in the UK. Information on all relevant exhibitions and trade fairs is provided to clients on an annual basis. LOBC offers company owners comprehensive services including organising business inspection activities in the UK, facilitating communication and participation of relevant exhibitions and trade shows etc.

Every year LOBC openly invites enterprising Chinese and British businesses to attend Birmingham's Spring and Autumn Fair which brings together a plethora of innovative and unique companies and ideas, all under one roof. We see this as an ideal platform for foreign businesses to showcase their product to a knowledgeable and trade driven audience.

Import and export trade service

LOBC can manage your imports and exports in a number of different ways including production, pricing and delivery. Our range of contacts allows us to source the fastest, cheapest and most convenient route of manufacture and distribution. Sometimes a customer's minimum order requirements and our client's requirements don't match up, in this case we adapt as best we can to source other buyers to help keep your business' wheels in motion.