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Our current partners

Our aim is to build a strong and intricate network between emerging Chinese and British companies planning to enter an overseas market. We can also help UK businesses maximise their potential by facilitating partnerships and collaborations between two trade driven nations. Our experience and contacts mean we are able to outsource directly from Chinese manufacturers through a UK based company. 

DELI Stationery is the largest distributor of stationery in China and is in the top 3 internationally.

DELI offers low cost stationery products for use in offices, businesses and schools that don't compromise on quality. Their products range from ballpoint pens, to ring binders, to tape measures.

The DELI group can be found in more than 50,000 retail sites in China alone, and LOBC is now responsible for helping to expand the DELI brand by introducing it into the UK market.

Kartos is a luxury Italian stationery company that has been manufacturing high quality and unique products for over 50 years.

Kartos represents a benchmark for quality, style, carefully chosen subjects and attention to detail.

What makes Kartos unique is the historic tradition of finishing products with gold dust to add a luxurious look and feel to their collections.

LOBC first met with Kartos at the London stationery Show in April 2017, where the products really stood out as something that would fill a gap in the UK's stationery market.

We are proud to have created a partnership with them and are aiming to build a vast customer base in the UK.